Startup FAQs



How can interns help my company?

Students bring a fresh perspective to problems, are part of a typically hard to reach demographic, and are hungry to apply their education to practical business cases. This means that students can relieve bandwidth constraints and bring a new outlook to business challenges.

Can I post internships or projects on Leva?

At the moment, we are only accepting internship postings on Leva. We have heard from students that longer form internships are most beneficial for networking and receiving feedback from employers.


How do I create an internship program?

Creating an internship program can seem like a daunting task at first, that is why we created a guide called “Building Effective Internships.” This resource contains best practices that the Leva team identified after watching our first cohort of companies build internship programs from the ground up. If you have additional questions, our team is more than willing to help guide you through the process of building an internship program!


What types of projects can interns complete?

This depends from intern to intern, but most students have the ability to conduct deep research, perform data analysis, create a content strategy, and write blog articles. A lot of students have technical knowledge in a wide variety of software including Excel, Salesforce, QuickBooks, Adobe Cloud, Python, among others.


How many hours a week should my internship be?

Totally up to you! Leva has a lot of students that are taking a full courseload and looking for ~10 hours a week of experience. Additionally, there are also some students that are taking the fall semester off from school and looking for ~40 hours a week of work.


When should my fall internship program end?

We are recommending that most companies end their internship programs on November 27th so that students have ample time to study for exams.


What legal documents should I need to have my intern fill out?

We recommend having each intern fill out a Non-Disclosure Agreement and an offer letter agreement. Having both parties fill out these documents should help outline expectations for the internship and the use of company information. Under the “Resources” tab, we have template NDA’s and offer letters to help expedite the legal process.

Should I post a paid or unpaid internship?

If your startup is able to pay students, you should try to do so. Students are, unsurprisingly, most interested in opportunities where they can earn money and learn a lot. Paying students also reduces legal exposure to the Department of Labor’s internship guidelines.

What are the legal implications of an unpaid internship?

The Department of Labor has defined guidelines for unpaid internships. To protect students, the DOL wants to ensure that interns are learning during their internship and not simply performing grunt work. The unpaid internship offer letter we provide should help lay out the conditions for an unpaid internship, but by no means is a legally binding contract absolving your company of legal risk. Paying interns can significantly reduce your company’s legal exposure to the DOL’s guidelines.


How much should I be paying my student intern(s) an hour?

We recommend paying younger students (1st and 2nd years) around $13 an hour and older students (3rd and 4th years) around $15 an hour. We will not accept any postings on Leva that pay under $10 an hour due to minimum wage restrictions.


How does Leva work?

Startup creates their profile → Startup posts internship positions → Vetted students apply to positions → Startup selects applicants to interview → Startup chooses intern(s) to work with.


When will students start applying to my positions?

The student side of Leva will be launching September 1st. Until then, our team is more than happy to help your company refine your internship posting(s).


How much does Leva cost?

Nothing! As a team of students ourselves, we have decided to make Leva free of cost to, hopefully, maximize the number of opportunities for other students.


How can I help promote Leva?

Sharing your experience using the Leva platform with other founders goes a long way! Please share our website,, with any founders interested in working with students.


Who should I reach out to if I have additional questions?

If you have additional questions please reach out to!