Why Leva?


Increase bandwidth


Grow your hiring pipeline

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Gain new perspectives

What Leva offers you

Consistent stream of qualified talented college students

Resources for creating internship programs 

Startups love Leva!

"Leva helped us find an incredible intern for the summer, and made the entire process of posting jobs, filtering applications, and interviewing candidates a breeze! We’ll definitely be using Leva again to find interns for projects throughout the year." 


Dalia Katan, Founder 


"This summer, our undergrad interns helped grow the Halo brand and amplify our mission by building up our social media channels, crafting newsletters and blogs posts, and overseeing our event programming. Despite never meeting face-to-face, we're grateful the interns showed up every day enthusiastic and dedicated to the role."


Nora Peterson, Founder